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Our History

Bouganvillia Dell Nursery has been a haven for plant lovers for more than 30 years. The nursery was started by Don Macdonald with the help of his mother Hazel. Throughout the years various members of the Macdonald family have run the nursery and shared their knowledge and love of gardening with the community.  In August 2016 Don and his wife Christine closed the walk-in retail section of the nursery - moving to an online retail platform.

Don (Dip Hort) has worked in Nursery, Landscaping, Parks and Gardens, and Oil Farming activities, often as manager, adviser, and organizer throughout the state. He’s gained a lot of knowledge and expertise and is ever willing to advise on plant growing from bromeliads to orchids, lawns to mulching, bamboos to palms, hibiscus to melaleucas, seedlings to oil farming - you name it! You can send your questions to ASK DON.  If you slip him a curly one, give him a day or two and he’ll find the answer. 

Bouganvillia Dell Nursery 

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