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End of an Era Auction

Saturday 27th August 2016

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our auction.

If you have not yet picked up your won items, please do so by Monday 29th August close of business (4pm).

The “best” plants for your home or yard are probably ones growing somewhere in your area.  

Browse our online shop to see our extensive range of palms, shrubs, trees, seedlings, bougainvilleas, cordylinescrotons and dracenas, bromeliads, groundcovers, creepers, rainforest plants and many more.

Landscaping: Many plants can serve indoors as well as being rockery plants or or even specimen plants in the landscape.  The Dracena is one of many that is suitable for this.

Trees or shrubs?  Plants in Melbourne grow very differently from those in Queensland.  Make sure you ask Don or Christine about the real growth habit of the plants you’d like in your yard.  The Lillypillys (Syzygium, Acmena, Eugenia) have many varieties in an appropriate size for you.  It’s true for many others.  Sheena’s Gold is a Duranta variety that can be pruned into a low hedge or grown as a small tree - it’s drought tolerant too.  So are many more.

Palms can be clumping or tall, leaf shedding or needing the leaves removed. Ask about the many varieties.

Creepers like bougainvilleas can be dwarfed in pots or rampant growing planted out needing frequent pruning. But ask about the dwarfer varieties. Other creepers can be used as ground-covers or over trellises.

Our History

Bouganvillia Dell Nursery has been a haven for plant lovers for more than 30 years. The nursery was started by Don Macdonald with the help of his mother Hazel. Throughout the years various members of the Macdonald family have run the nursery and shared their knowledge and love of gardening with the community.  In August 2016 Don and his wife Christine closed the walk-in retail section of the nursery - moving to an online retail platform.

Don (Dip Hort) has worked in Nursery, Landscaping, Parks and Gardens, and Oil Farming activities, often as manager, adviser, and organizer throughout the state. He’s gained a lot of knowledge and expertise and is ever willing to advise on plant growing from bromeliads to orchids, lawns to mulching, bamboos to palms, hibiscus to melaleucas, seedlings to oil farming - you name it! You can send your questions to ASK DON.  If you slip him a curly one, give him a day or two and he’ll find the answer. 

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