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End of an Era Auction

Saturday 27th August 2016

9am - till finished

All bidders must be registered.

Download the application to register and email to or phone 07 41213893.

Items for sale include; A large variety of Plants, Shop items, Some nursery equipment (Chairs, Customer trollies, hexagonal tables etc.) Please download the Auction List below for full details.

Prior inspection is available onsite on Friday 26th August from 9 - 1pm. 

When you visit a nursery, you have an idea what you want.  These days, you probably have a mobile phone or a digital camera - why not make use of them.  Of course, if you’re not up with the modern technology, trust our knowledgeable staff to help you.

The “best” plants for your home or yard are probably ones growing somewhere in your area.  Be sure to capture them with your phone or camera before coming to us.  We’ll be pleased to identify them or suggest alternatives to satisfy you.

As well as stocking a range of potting mixes, mulches, chemicals and ornaments, Bouganvillia Dell Nursery has an extensive range of palms, shrubs, trees, seedlings, bougainvilleas, cordylinescrotons and dracenas, bromeliads, groundcovers, creepers, rainforest plants and many more.

Landscaping: Many plants can serve indoors as well as being rockery plants or or even specimen plants in the landscape.  The Dracena is one of many that is suitable for this.

Trees or shrubs?  Plants in Melbourne grow very differently from those in Queensland.  Make sure you ask Don or Christine about the real growth habit of the plants you’d like in your yard.  The Lillypillys (Syzygium, Acmena, Eugenia) have many varieties in an appropriate size for you.  It’s true for many others.  Sheena’s Gold is a Duranta variety that can be pruned into a low hedge or grown as a small tree - it’s drought tolerant too.  So are many more.

Palms can be clumping or tall, leaf shedding or needing the leaves removed. Ask about the many varieties.

Creepers like bougainvilleas can be dwarfed in pots or rampant growing planted out needing frequent pruning. But ask about the dwarfer varieties. Other creepers can be used as ground-covers or over trellises.

The Nursery

Our friendly staff will guide you as you make your selection from huge range of  plants.  Many are in an advanced size which will give you an instant landscape.  You can specialise in native or exotic plants, and select a range of plants: shrubs, trees, creepers, ground-covers, bromeliads, cacti and succulents, bougainvilleas, conifers, hibiscus, palms, orchids, bonsai, water plants, rockery plants, fruit trees, herbs, vegetable and flower seedlings, and a huge variety of house plants.

Our shop will allow you to choose the right fertilizers and chemicals to keep your plants attractive all year.

Our History

The Dell’s been about over 30 years. Don Macdonald started the nursery then and Hazel assisted her son.  When Don moved on to other things, Hazel continued it. I still remember when she’d jump off her cattle truck saying “Gidday!” as she took another tray of plants to a Market or back to the Nursery.  She was the little dynamo that expanded the business to the vibrant nursery it became.  Sadly, her health has deteriorated and the business is returning to Don and wife Christine who have been in Nursery work for years and now will restore it to its former glory and more.

Don Macdonald has worked in Nursery, Landscaping, Parks and Gardens and Oil Farming activities often as manager, adviser, and organizer throughout the state. He’s gained a lot of knowledge and expertise and is ever willing to advise on plant growing from bromeliads to orchids, lawns to mulching, bamboos to palms, hibiscus to melaleucas, seedlings to oil farming - you name it!  If you slip him a curly one, give him a day or two and he’ll find the answer.

Drop in and see the progress as Don and Christine develop the Nursery’s potential.  You’ll see that all your gardening requirements are definitely in Just One Great Location!

Bouganvillia Dell Nursery 

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